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                Our Story

                Steve and Aaron met at the Advanced Systems Research Team at Microsoft.

                Steve was perplexed by the persistent lack of innovation around knowledge documentation systems. To Aaron, it seemed that every company was developing knowledge silos in every department. These silos were preventing companies and their customers from finding the answers they need to be successful.

                They realized that organizations were being held back by bad software. People were struggling with PDFs that were not mobile-friendly, expensive federated search systems that often did not work, and knowledge base systems that could not scale to the organizational need. At the same time, they recognized that people do not want to be guided, forced, or supported—they want the freedom to self-serve knowledge on demand.

                Together they designed an innovative, scalable knowledge system to meet certain requirements:

                • Deploy quickly with a turnkey setup
                • Customize without costly services engagements
                • Extend into CRM software, websites, and product interfaces
                • Use machine learning to continually improve every time it is used

                It was time to revolutionize documentation. It was time to allow users to self-serve expert knowledge on demand.

                We call it MindTouch.

                Key Facts


                Countries & Territories

                43 Million

                Monthly Active Users


                Annual Uptime

                Our Company

                MindTouch is a SaaS company building self-service software that scales. Based in San Diego, MindTouch was named one of the 2017 Hot 100 best privately held software companies by JMP Securities and is customer-obsessed with 43 million monthly users.

                Our Product

                MindTouch is a smarter knowledge management platform that allows organizations to create and publish content into a customizable self-service experience. Extra capabilities include multiple API endpoints, CRM integrations, and powerful reports. With MindTouch, your customers find your expert knowledge whenever and wherever they need it.

                Our Founders

                MindTouch Founders Steve Bjorg Aaron Fulkerson

                Steve Bjorg

                Steve Bjorg, a lifelong software engineer and agile development specialist, is CTO and Co-Founder of MindTouch. Previously, Steve worked on the Advanced Systems Research Team at Microsoft and served on a Computer Science Advisory Board. Steve is an avid believer of continuous improvement (Kaizen), constructive criticism, and company-aligned focus.

                Aaron Fulkerson

                Aaron Fulkerson, a leading innovator in open-source and SaaS software, is Co-Founder of MindTouch. Previously, Aaron worked on the Advanced Systems Research Team at Microsoft and has informed national policy for higher education at the White House. Aaron tackles everything with the same mantra: Be big, be kind, and kick ass.

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